Save An Angel

Founded in October 2009 by the parents of an American Dingo named Angel, the organization began as a successful fundraising campaign to provide an expensive, life-saving bone marrow transplant for Angel, who was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma. Save An Angel has since expanded its original mission and is now primarily dedicated to rehoming shelter pets through our Operation Relocation program, a network of cross-country shelter and rescue partners working together to give homeless dogs and cats a renewed chance at life. With a nod to its beginnings, the organization also provides educational resources for canine cancer prevention and treatment. To learn more about Save-An-Angel, visit


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Meet Angel

Angel is reason our organization exists. She is a cancer survivor and continues to provide inspiration every day. Learn more about Angel’s story and how Save-an-Angel got its start!


Part of Save-An-Angel’s mission is to help save the lives of dogs on death row in high kill shelters in and around Southern Louisiana. We also rescue dogs off the streets. SAA is always looking for dedicated Saints to foster and adopt. These animals need our help!

Canine Cancer

Dogs suffering from lymphoma are eligible to receive the same type of medical treatment as their human counterparts. Save-An-Angel offers numerous resources to help you through this difficult time. You are not alone!